Thank you for stopping by Undead Review, run by your zombie host The Undead Review. Here we’ll take a look at all things horror, not just those of the undead variety (though those are definitely some of our favorites) but horror of all from variety, from 80’s splatterpunk gore, to low budget romps through monsters and mayhem, to the serious horror that sends chills up our spines. Be it book, movie, or even the occasional video game, if it’s horror, it’s our love. We also tend to take a more wide ranging view of what can be considered horror; some of the scariest things in this small world of ours aren’t the ghastly and ghoulish creatures we love and adore but the ghastly and ghoulish humans who seem capable of far worse. Our horror host, The Undead Review, will also be happy to show you what life is like to be a member of the living dead existing in a world of the living. Well, happy might not be the choice of words, but he’ll talk about it anyway. So come join us as we review some horror, talk zombies, and occasionally bitch about the state of the industry today. Welcome to Undead Review.

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