Mobile Phone Games: Zombie Age 1-3

In my never-ending attempt to find free zombie games I can play while pooping, I came across a trilogy for Android and iOS under the shared title Zombie Age. As they didn’t take up much space, I figured I’d give them a shot and download all three. For myself, two were fun, one was meh, but how fun you find them is going to depend on how much time you want to spend completely zoning out.

Zombie Age



The world is under attack from the living dead, and that includes your house. You’ll have to stand in your front yard and take out the undead hordes trying to get past your fence. Defend the fence and live to upgrade your weapons, let the fence fall and you’ll be seeing the insides of a zombie’s stomach up close and personal.

This is a simple finger masher. Your character is stationary on one side of the screen, and you click on the zombies that come out until they die (where you shoot them doesn’t seem to cause any difference). The levels are divided into days, and when you pass a day you earn cash, something you also get a miniscule amount of for each zombie killed. The cash can be used to buy and upgrade weapons, purchase items like bombs or power-ups, and hire crew to help you protect the lawn, and protecting the lawn gets progressively harder as you advance to face stronger zombies like fast moving nurses, hard to kill bullies, knife throwing chefs, and tunneling miners.

There’s nothing to Zombie Age but repeatedly pressing one side of screen until you advance to the next level or die, in which case you start over, so it doesn’t take long for it to get tedious. Up until about Day 20, you at least have the slight enjoyment of upgrading your weapons, but by the time you reach that milestone you’ll have to play levels multiple times before advancing further. Cash isn’t earned quickly and having to purchase ammo depletes what you earn, so you’ll have to kill the same zombies in the same levels several times a level to earn what’s needed for the upgrades before moving on. If you want something that takes no thought, this is it, but I got bored within the first fifteen minutes and had trouble finding the motivation to play it again.

Zombie Age 2



Having either escaped your house or abandoned it, you’re forced to make your way down the streets of zombie infested cities to find the cash needed for upgrades and keeping your supplies stocked. Fail to do so and you’ll be joining the green masses out on the street.

The second installment gets an upgrade in both the animation and the control scheme. Instead of being stationary, you proceed using a movement circle in the bottom left corner and two circles on the bottom right corner for melee and projectile weapons. The Day Levels from the previous game have been replaced with a series of city maps with each map divided into different districts (levels), and each district will have three goals you can complete, one central goal needed to complete the district, and two side goals needed for earning stars (you can also earn stars by completing game goals). The central goals will generally be whatever is needed to pass the level (kill X number or type of zombies, destroy X boxes of TNT, protecting the helicopter, etc.), while the side goals will be more among the lines of surviving with a certain amount of heath or for a certain amount of time and killing so many zombies with a particular weapon. The districts get progressively harder as you move forward, putting you up against ever greater amounts of regular worker or lawyer zombies, fast mummies, helmeted zombies that require you to attack both helmet and zombie, much harder to kill Frankenstein like zombies, and huge bosses. Thankfully, you earn a lot of coins doing all of this, coins that can be used to upgrade weapons, buy boosts (ammo, armor, and health), and obtain new, stronger characters.

This one is a completely different game from the first game, and two of the nicest changes were the ease at which in-game money was earned and the fact that ammo no longer needed to be purchased. You can still run out of ammo, but you start each level with whatever the max capacity of your weapon is, something that can be changed by upgrading, and upgrading is a lot easier to do this time around. They were even nice enough to give you two partners (Arnold Schwarzenegger’s terminator and Sylvester Stallone’s Expendables character) you can use once every eight hours and a casino spin that can earn items, coins, or cash. It was a fun little time waster, and I liked that they put more effort into the animation for this one, but it wasn’t without its problems. The lag when you switch between a melee or projectile weapon makes doing so unwise, the controls don’t respond as quickly as I’d like, and purchasing health packs takes real money. You can earn cash, but unlike with the coins, it’s a very slow process, so earning just the two dollars needed for a heath pack can take days. There’s also an advertisement after every level, but for not having to pay for what, despite its setbacks, was still a fun game, it didn’t seem like much of a problem for me.

Zombie Age 3



It seems you made it on your own in both your backyard and out on the streets, but now you’ll be tasked with completing missions around the city to clean out the undead menace.

While I enjoy the cartoonish animation of all the games, this one had the best look of the three; it’s not a dramatic difference from the prior game, but it does looks better. The controls aren’t changed in structure, but they’re much smoother to use, and the lag from switching weapons is gone. They’ve also added a more story based structure to the game. You now play on one city map that has different levels scattered around it, and each level has a specific goal that relates to saving the city. You might be tasked with clearing out a neighborhood, destroying machines capable of creating zombies, or locating medicine and food, and they’ve also added a biking minigame and survival mode. The zombies are better looking upgrades to the zombies from the previous two games, so in addition to the knife throwing chefs from the first game and the huge bosses from the second game, the lawyer zombies are now office workers, the quick moving mummies are now zombies with headwounds, and the Frankenstein monsters have been changed to giant football players. Goals are no longer earned by completing tasks in each level, but with overall challenges that you complete as you play, and you’ll get two partners again to help you attain those goals (this time it’s Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury and an angry panda bear). The cooldown time has been shortened to only a few hours, so you can use them more often, and you can even bring in Facebook friends to help you out if needed.

Out of all three games, this one was my favorite. The improved animations, the more responsive controls, and the story based gameplay were all major reason for that, but the upgrade system was where I especially enjoyed myself. It’s been vastly reworked for the third game, giving you more options and a wider variety when it comes to upgrades. What’s more, they’ve made earning money, both cash and coins, a lot easier to do. You can still purchase more of each with real money, but they’re very generous with the amount you can earn just playing the game. They were so generous in fact that I didn’t mind spending a few bucks to purchase new characters and weapons that I could then play for further upgrades. While the first two games most likely won’t be played much after this review, I’ll be keeping this one for further play in the future.


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