Five Zombie Themed Puzzle/Hidden Object Games You Can Play on Your Phone


There is something so addictive about clicking through a puzzle game. While the longer and more immersive versions you can play on PC are worth a purchase if you’re into these types of games, the free ones you can download on your phone generally are not. There’s hundreds of them for both Android and iOS, and many aren’t worth the hour it takes to get through them, so with that in mind I thought I’d take a look at five free, zombie themed puzzle games you can play right now and include whether or not you had to deal with ads for each one. Hope this helps give you a few zombified distractions the next time you need them.


Zombie Outbreak


The world has been overrun by the living dead and your only chance at survival is clearing out an infested house that might just become your safe haven. This quick distraction only takes about an hour to get through, but it does have some inventive puzzles to solve. You’ll only be exploring a few rooms and the backyard of a house, but I had fun figuring everything out. The artwork isn’t grand, but it does the job, and the few zombies I had to kill were at the very least gory looking. No Ads.


Zombie Outbreak: Survivor


This is pretty much the exact same game as Zombie Outbreak, just with a different skin. It doesn’t take any amount of time to get through as all the puzzles are the ones you would have just solved in this game’s predecessor. It might make a fun game if you give it a few months between play throughs. No Ads.


Infected Town


You’re one of the few to have survived the initial infection, but your further survival depends on your ability to solve puzzles in order to find the radio, repair your car, locate the map, and escape, all while dealing with the zombies ever hungry for you flesh. Load times seem a bit overly long for this one, especially with ads popping up every time you change scenes, but there’s also a bit more meat to the gameplay. Instead of playing inside of one building you explore a city’s downtown area including a bar, an abandoned deli, a police station, and the ruined city streets, so there’s more ground to cover and therefore more puzzles to solve. You also have the option of buying weapons to aid you in killing the zombies who get in your way. It did feel a bit tedious at times, but overall it was a fun little distraction for an hour or so with decent artwork and some well-designed zombies.  Ads every time you exit or enter a building.


Land of the Dead


The city has already fallen to the living dead and you’ll have to explore the ruins to locate gas, ammo, and car parts in order to escape to a safe zone. This one is exactly like Infected Town from the puzzles to the layout. The only difference is a slightly new skin for the scenes. Much like with Zombie Outbreak and Zombie Outbreak: Survivor, play Infected Town first and then give this one a go after a few months. Ads every time you enter or exit a building.



House of 100 Zombies


When car troubles lead you to a zombie infested house, you’ll have to fight your way through the expansive home to find the parts you need to fix your vehicle and escape with your life. While this one was the easiest of the bunch with only a couple of genuinely challenging puzzles, it was also the most fun to play. This mostly came from the game set up in which you went level from level instead of having an area you were constantly forced to retread. This allowed you to enjoy one room at a time before moving on to the next. I wish the puzzles had been a little more challenging than they were, but it was enjoyable regardless. Ads but only right before levels.



That’s it for now. I’ll have to hunt down five more zombie themed puzzle games for a second go around. Judging by how many I found the first time, I don’t imagine it’ll be all the difficult a task. You can find each of these games on Google Play or the iOS Store.


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