Movie Matchup: Halloween (1978) vs. Halloween (2007)


There are few horror movie icons more famous than the king of the mask, Michael Myers, a killer who first entered our hearts by viciously ripping them out in 1978. Unfortunately, rocker/director Rob Zombie got ahold of the franchise and decided that it’d be best to turn a faceless force of destruction into a poor kid with a hard luck case and the rest is history.

Movie Info:

Halloween 1978: Michael Myers, a regular kid, kills his sister by stabbing the shit out her, after which he becomes a catatonic psyche patient. Years later he escapes to terrorize his estranged sister and all her friends, killing anyone who gets in his way.

Halloween 2007: Michael Myers is a poor child in a broken family (his dad is an abusive alcoholic and his mother is a careless stripper). After dealing with enough trauma to make even the sanest child lose his mind, he kills and is locked up for his actions. Years later, after watching two orderlies rape a patient, he kills them and escapes to torment his long lost sister.


Okay, you should be able to see the biggest difference right there, in one Michael Myers is a faceless murderer who kills because, well because he kills. Sure, subsequent sequels started using the Druid thing as a reason for his murders, but the original didn’t give us any of that garbage, he was simply a killer who killed because he killed, and that’s why I loved him so much. There was no backstory, no supernatural aspect, and no real reason why he did what he did, Michael Myers killed because he killed, simple, print and cut. You really didn’t need to know much more about him as there was no reason to know more about him. The only thing you needed to know was that he was a merciless killer with no real human emotions. Then you turn to the remake and suddenly he’s this poor little kid you should feel sorry for, an abused boy with a horrible life who goes after his sister in some fucked up version of wanting a normal family. Let’s compare the two:

Michael Myers 1978: He’s a mean spirited bastard with a washed out Captain Kirk mask. He not only has no emotions, but he’s ready to kill whoever dares to disrupt his plans for a family reunion. There really isn’t a reason why he does this, he just does it because that’s who he is, a faceless killer with a wanton desire to end his family line. Why does he want to end his family line? Who knows? He’s just dead set on making sure Jamie Lee Curtis isn’t around to make Trading Places, which would have been a travesty considering we would have never got to see Jamie Lee’s rack. Come on, it’s the original Scream Queen, how can I not want that.

Michael Myers 2007: He’s a poor young boy whose alcoholic father beats him while his mother (Ron Zombie’s wife since he can’t seem to make a movie without her much like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp or Tim Burton and Helen Bonham Carter or Tim Burton and Lisa Marie) strips at a local club. After taking so much abuse he finally snaps and kills before being locked up. He escapes many years later after a rape takes place in his room (also after killing his former guards) and proceeds to hunt his sister down for no reason that is ever really explained properly. Anyone in his way is murdered or maimed in the process, including the extremely hot Danielle Harris who played his niece in the original parts four and five.

Again, that should tell you something about the remake of this film; it gave too much emotion to the character. I loved the fact that the original Michael Myers didn’t have a reason to kill; he just wanted to make sure that his family was ended, that was it. There was no real reason why he wanted to kill his family, he just did. In the remake, he had to do it because mankind was horrible or something like that. I don’t know if that’s what the real idea was, but that’s what it seemed like to me. Remake Myers couldn’t stand his horrible family and what it represented, original Myers just wanted to end his family, no commentary on society, he just wanted them dead. Original Myers escaped because he wanted to kill his family, not for a particular reason but because he wanted them dead, all of them. Remake Myers had an agenda, people are bad, they should be killed.

Between the two, I’ll take original Michael Myers any day. He was a true killer while his successor was a poor kid that needed a hobby. Remake Myers was weak, scared, and a complete tool while his predecessor was a real terror, the kind of guy you should be scared of in real life. The remake version wouldn’t have scared a child. I’ll take the original every time.  The remake has it’s value, don’t get me wrong.  Rob Zombie used his take on Halloween to explore some interesting concepts about the idea behind hiding one’s face in a mask.  As a movie that stands on its on, Rob Zombie’s Halloween is actually pretty good, but as a remake it falls short.  When watching the two films back to back, the remake just doesn’t hold up against the original, not when both versions of the iconic characters are examined, and this is why remake Myers ends up coming across as weak compared to his earlier counterpart.


The Stats:

Michael Myers 1978:

  • Emotionless killer
  • Super strong
  • No real personality
  • No remorse
  • Nothing in his head
  • No backstory
  • Completely emotionless


Michael Myers 2007:

  • Troubled Childhood
  • Super strong
  • Poor adaptation
  • Mommy issues
  • Desire for a family
  • Love of family


So who would win between the two, the original of course. The 1978 version would kick the crap out of the remake version because he has no remorse, he kills to kill not because daddy treated him wrong. The original version is quite literally insane but the remake version is only acting out on family issues. There is no way remake Myers would ever stand a chance; the original version would kick the shit out of the remake because he doesn’t care while the remake version is just an abused child. 1978 Myers is way too much of loose cannon for the 2007 version, original Myers would destroy remake Myers in my opinion.


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