A Small Absence

Sorry to have been away so long my fellow ghouls and ghoulettes, but even yours truly must succumb to the problems of life (or unlife as is the case with me), but a promise is a promise, and this zombie promised 365 posts for 2015, and that’s a promise I still aim to fulfill.  So, to make sure I’m not the promise breaking type of zombie, and I know how much we all hate that type, the next few weekends will be double post weekends dedicated to George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and the several movies that came after.  We’ll be looking at his series from Night of the Living Dead all the way to Survival of the Dead, as well as the various films that have direct remakes.  Not only that but yours truly will be doing movie matchups to compare how well the master Romero’s work stands up against some of the remakes.  Join us over the next month as we crack open the beast that George A. Romero unleashed upon the world.

Until next time, this is your unfriendly neighborhood zombie signing out.

About The Undead Review

When I was alive I was an asshole and after I died remained pretty much the same, if not a little worse. You’d think becoming a member of the walking dead would mellow a person out, no more worrying about awkward small talk with people, no more having to be politically correct, and the entire world is your upright, bipedal buffet. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun as hell to be a zombie, just somewhat irritating at times, especially those times you have to watch a lame movie or read a lame book. Thankfully, when I am forced to watch these films or read those books, I’ve got places like The Undead Review to bitch and moan to my heart’s content. {When he’s not devouring the living or sinking his teeth into a good film The Undead Review (Andy Taylor) spends his time writing his own stories or hunting down the paranormal. Oh, and did we mention his blind dog once saved the world?)
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